Adobe security update

Adobe security update
Vulnerability discovered in Acrobat PDF Reader
Do you use the PDF Reader, Acrobat from Adobe? Then you should update it as soon as possible. An Adobe security update has been released because security vulnerabilities have been discovered. One of them is classified as critical by Adobe.

Find out which versions are affected and why you should update asap.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is widely used
PDF files have now become popular for sending invoices etc. by e-mail. The Adobe PDF Reader makes reading these files really easy. It is available as a free download from the Adobe pages. The Acrobat PDF Reader has been in the headlines a lot with negative headlines because of security vulnerabilities and updates. However, the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader still remains the most widely used PDF viewer in the world.

The reason for this is that the freeware is available for many different platforms. Core features include opening, viewing, printing, converting, and merging PDF documents created with, for example, Adobe Acrobat. The official name is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, where the “DC” stands for Document Cloud. It networks various programs from the manufacturer, so that you can open them in the Windows version and open PDFs seamlessly in the corresponding mobile app.


Adobe security update for Acrobat PDF Reader
Now Adobe has released an unscheduled Adobe security update for its Acrobat PDF Reader outside of its monthly patchday. The reason for this is that Security researchers have discovered a total of seven gaps. Adobe sees one of them as critical and has responded.

The affected versions are the Acrobat DC and Reader DC version 2018.011.20058 and earlier versions for Windows and macOS, Acrobat and Reader 2017 version 2017.011.30099 and earlier for Windows and macOS, as well as Acrobat and Reader DC version 2015.006.30448 and earlier for Windows and macOS. Criminals can exploit the vulnerabilities to inject malicious code onto your machine.

Adobe security update due to a critical vulnerability
While Adobe considers one of the seven vulnerabilities to be critical, it doubts that malware is available yet, to exploit the vulnerability. Therefore, the company recommends installing the patch within 30 days. However, we advise you to install the update as soon as possible because you are threatened by malware and virus attacks.

If you need help with the Adobe Security Update, or maybe you do not even know what version number your Acrobat PDF Reader has, then come to your IT who will be able to assist you.

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