Bluetooth vulnerability discovered
Is your Bluetooth connection secure?
After the recent BlueBorne vulnerability, researchers have now uncovered another Bluetooth vulnerability. Millions of devices are affected, including many Apple devices.

We will tell you what’s behind the vulnerability in the Bluetooth connection and what kind of protection it offers.

The Bluetooth vulnerability affects millions of devices
Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or notebook – most modern devices use wireless standard Bluetooth for wireless data transmission. For example, it is also easy to connect headphones or peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard to your PC or tablet. However, the Bluetooth protocol is prone to hacker attacks. Only last year, for example, there were serious security vulnerabilities, and the BlueBorne vulnerability was identified.

Now, researchers from the Technion (Israel University of Technology) have uncovered a new Bluetooth vulnerability. There are millions of devices and built-in chips affected, including devices from Apple, Broadcom or Qualcomm in particular.

Bluetooth vulnerability
Researchers have discovered a new Bluetooth vulnerability that allows attackers to manipulate traffic. (Image:

Bluetooth vulnerability makes the coupling unsafe
Basically, the connection of two devices via Bluetooth is simple and secure. For this, the Bluetooth connection must be activated on both devices. Then you can start searching for Bluetooth devices. The data exchanged between both devices is encrypted. One of the safest keys is the so-called elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH).

The newly identified vulnerability in the Bluetooth connection is when it is in pairing mode. Two functions of the Bluetooth protocol are affected, which apparently does not check the ECDH key accurately enough. Attackers can plug into the connection and manipulate traffic.

As easy as it sounds at first glance, it is not. For the attack to work, the attacker must be in radio range. In addition, he can only engage when in the coupling process is happening. If two devices are connected to each other first, the Bluetooth connection is secured.

Protection against Bluetooth vulnerability
The good news is that there is protection against the Bluetooth vulnerability. So many manufacturers have already released firmware updates or security updates that fix the problem.

For Apple devices, updating to one of the following versions helps to protect against possible attacks:

macOS High Sierra 10.13.5
iOS 11.4
watchOS 4.3.1
tvOS 11.4
Even Intel has already released a new driver for its Bluetooth connection, which fixes the problem on many Windows devices. If you are still unsure whether your device is affected by the Bluetooth vulnerability and you want to check it for vulnerabilities, then come to our office. You can quickly find out if your PC or notebook is protected in the best possible way and if all available updates are installed with our security check.

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