Goverlan Reach

Goverlan Reach

  • September 7, 2017

What is Goverlan Reach?

Goverlan Reach is a remote desktop support system with IT task automation. The application is for the use of IT departments and service providers as well as product and kiosk support groups to provide on-demand support and to access remote machines securely.

With Goverlan Reach, organizations are also able to schedule and automate machine maintenance and configuration and even update software and patches.

Goverlan Reach also assists businesses and various institutions in quickly resolving customer issues. Because support teams are able to access customer machines and talk to them in real-time, they can easily figure out the problem and solve it swiftly.

Overview of Goverlan Reach Benefits

Secure Environment

With Goverlan Reach, organizations can rest assured that their system tasks are secure. Even when they are accessing remote machines, they can have a peace of mind that their tasks and connections are covered by an enterprise-grade protection.

Moreover, Goverlan Reach is deployed on-premise so organizations can be certain that no external attacks occur during the process. Plus, the application comes with an internal credentials manager and centralized auditing of actions to further boost the security of the system.

Instant Access & Control

Goverlan Reach enables IT teams to take over attended and unattended machines that need configuration, patches, updates, and other issue resolutions. Various tools and features such as performance monitoring and Citrix sessions shadowing that come with the software assist users in ensuring that their IT environments are in top operating condition.

Robust Support Delivery

Goverlan Reach assists technical support teams in managing remote users through a secure environment. With multiple connection methods (1-to-1 or 1-to-many), support members can expeditiously resolve problems being experienced by users no matter their network location.

Scalable Software

Goverlan Reach is for organizations of all sizes. The software has a minimal initial investment which businesses and institutions can increase as they grow. On top of that, the application does not require complicated hardware and infrastructure to set-up and deploy, making it a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Overview of Goverlan Reach Features

End-Point Management
Remote System Access
On-Demand & Unattended Systems
Audio & Text Chat
Multiple Types Support Sessions
Multiple Protocols for Multiple Platforms
Activity & Machine Health Monitoring
Video Capture
PKI Support via SmartCard Redirection
File Transfer & Management
Task/Startup Program Management
Power Management
PowerShell Access
System Hardware & Software Reporting
Real-Time Information
Software Deployment & Patching
Network Share Management
User & System Print Management
User Drive Mapping Management
Registry Management
Script Execution
Active Directory Access
Account Management
Password Management
Group Memberships Reporting & Management
Users & Machines Configuration reports
Global Systems Management Tasks
Global Active Directory Changes
Non-Compliant Configuration/States Detection
Real-Time Compliance Issue